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Currently Bright Property Developers are using a Rent to Rent strategy in order to grow their business portfolio with speed as well as precision. This involves a smaller amount of upfront investment and plenty of hands on experience to create less risk and more learns.


They started with a small 2 bed house, only a 15 minute walk from the Blackpool North (main) train station. But Samantha & Adam have very large ambitions for their future business.

Samantha made a great connection while networking one evening and has now formed a very strong partnership with two gentlemen who own a construction company. They’re working together to purchase B&B’s, hotels, and empty or rundown commercial units, to convert the space into private luxury apartments for holiday makers and workers to enjoy in and around Blackpool.

Samantha & Adam may only be at the beginning of their journey but the foundations are building strong, momentum is building, and their desire to make The Fylde Coast a positively memorable place for visitors/ residents is becoming a reality, one project at a time.

Bright Property Developers have brilliant working relationships with incredibly skilled contractors, financial advisors, legal experts and more. They work with trusted and highly recommended companies all over the UK, where the individuals are extremely ambitious, creative and able to deliver on time & within budget.

Samantha & Adam have built up thousands of strong connections over the years, meaning they have a power team available 24/7 to ensure their projects run smoothly and efficiently. Not to mention the push this gives them to keep levelling up.

Their training has enabled them to understand how they can help homeowners sell their property faster and for a higher price to create a win: win situation.

⦁ If you’re in financial difficulties and need to sell quickly
⦁ If the offers you’ve currently been receiving are too low
⦁ If you haven’t been receiving offers at all and your property has been sitting on the market for a long time
⦁ If your property isn’t advertised yet, or if you’re trying to avoid estate agents fees

⦁ Or if you’re a owner of large buildings, and you’re looking to sell.

Message Samantha or Adam to find out if there is a way they can help.

Please Note: they can only currently directly assist with properties in and around the Blackpool area of the UK. However, they can still provide advice, and with their connections they can point you in the correct direction or even source a buyer for your property.

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