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What BPD Offer you as a Landlord:

BPD will rent your property from you initially on a 3-5 year company let agreement and provide many guaranteed benefits, that tenant may not:

  • BPD is responsible for paying the rent (on time every month)

  • They keep the property in show home condition

  • Weekly cleans and inspections are carried out

  • All maintenance issues throughout are covered by BPD

  • Meaning no nuisance calls for you

  • No void periods

  • No potential evictions

  • No agency fees

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Bright Property developers are working with landlords to create win:win situations!
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There are laws that are coming into place that aren’t necessarily beneficial to landlords however, if you’re renting to a company, like BPD, you can avoid possible future problems and costs:

  • There is no need to have an EPC rating of C or above

  • Avoid having no choice over having to accept pets in your property


If this list is still not enough reason for you to get in touch with us, we can also save a huge amount on your taxes (approx. 30% of the property’s value) simply by renting your property to us.

Who Will be Staying in the Property:

During the week the property is likely to be booked by business workers who travel across the country for work and need a comfortable long-term place to stay with full kitchen facilities provided. On weekends the property could be catered for families and holiday makers travelling across the UK or even worldwide. Bright Property Developers have connections with insurance companies where individuals, couples, and families may need to stay on a longer-term basis if they have had a home disaster and their place is no longer currently habitable.

All clients must send their ID, card details which are stored securely in case of any damage, and sign extensive terms and conditions, before they are allowed into the property to ensure there will be no problems experienced during their stay. Plus they are not tenants, therefore should they breach the terms and conditions, they can be simply asked to leave the premises, although luckily this has never been necessary.

In fact, many clients are now returning customers, due to the outstanding level of service, luxury, and privacy provided to the guests during their stay.


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